This is an Artistic Yoga Retreat situated in the area you feel as if you are in a peaceful Thai village while being only a while away from stylish popular places in Thonglor, Sukhumvit.

Hear bird singing in the spacious entire 5 floor townhouse with a beautiful patio and balcony.

This is a home we use as our yoga retreat venue and a home gallery has been introduced by various world-wide media such as US, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan etc.


We are proud that we have grown a strong tie and friendship with the surrounding nature little by little even in the middle of big city for 10 years.

Let me introduce this picture of a mother bird and her nest which built in our patio.

She sits in the nest.

This bird is a kind of bird called Sun bird.  They have shining wings which reflect sunshine beautifully.


This is the place those who desire to feel the tie with the wild nature in the urban life and we would be really happy if you actually learn from our example to start on your own back home.

As a foreigner I have gathered the knacks and techniques to enjoy living in Bangkok for nearly 10 years and I will share them with our guests.