What you learn in Bangkok

We have AirBNB experience hosting program for travelers in Bangkok city.
Our program name is “Lecture of Oriental Wisdom”.
In this page, we introduce what you can learn and experience through our program.
In our Bangkok retreat, you can experience the art in high resolution video with the high quality sound system.
In this page we introduce our yoga-art movies which are lower-resolution and lower quality sound than the one you experience in Bangkok.

Make your own Herbal Ball

Making Herbal ball of your own with Sacred Thai herb After knowing sacred message of Thai herbs, you can select your main herb which best suits your spiritual purpose such as strength, fertility, wisdom and enlightenment.
We make herbal balls together with you.
It’s very fun!
We prepare ancient remedy Thai herbs such as Phrai, Kah, Waan Chak Mot Luk and Makruu based on our original secret recipe which healed thousands of our clients.
If you would like to consult with us about your condition of body and mind, we can prepare a special recipe of herbal ball for you.
In this case, please consult with us when booking.

Phrai: Herb for Vision

This is a basic but strong herb in Thai traditional medicine. This is a perennial herb, consisting of underground rhizome and which is bright yellow inside. A used part is dried rhizome and therapeutic used is anti-inflammatory. analgesic and sprains.

Kah: Herb for Wisdom

This is an erect annual plant with aromatic, ginger-like rhizomes, and commonly used in Thai cooking as a flavoring. The approximately 0.04 volatile oil content has therapeutic uses as anti-rheumatic and antimicrobial agents.This has a very strong anti-oxidative potency, which relieve body aging.


Waan Chack Mok Luk: Herb for Fertility

This herb is used to relieve female disorders such as menstrual cramps and other . In many cases, this herb is not used in ordinal herb balls because it is relatively rare. This round shape looks like womb. “Mot” of this name means a palace, and “luke” means a child. So, this is a very effective herb for womb.

Kaffir Lime : Herb for Enlightment

Kaffir Lime are used as a flavoring in Thai cuisine. The leaves and peel contain volatile oil. The major therapeutic benefit of the juice is as an appetizer.The essential oils in the fruit are incorporated into various ointments, and the rind is an ingredient in medical tonics believed to be good for the blood. In folk medicine, the juice of kaffir lime is said to promote gum health and is recommended for use in brushing teeth and gums. It is believed to freshen one’s mental outlook and ward off evil spirits.

Introduction:How to Sit

In the Herb Yoga session I will lecture on how to sit first. By learning how to sit correctly, you can further deepen your meditation with yoga. If you have problems with flexibility it may be difficult to sit correctly. Still it is all right. But by being conscious of the right way to sit, you can gain a home position to continue meditation. Let’s master the correct way of sitting and open the first door of the gate of yoga.

1st Lesson: Tune-in meditation with Herbs

What you do first with Herb Yoga is Tune-in.
Tune-in is the process of returning your mind and body to your child’s condition.
This process slowly stimulates your five senses.
And you can regain your sense of being as it is, innocent feel like a child.
In this video, I will explain how to perform tune-in of tactile sense and Tune-in of olfaction consecutively.
In case of Herb Yoga beginners, let’s practice Tune-in with fragrant strong flowers, herbs or spices.
In the image, the life energy of flowers in hand is expressed using various methods.
When you do it with a wonderful flower in Thailand a sense of impermanence comes to you.
In Bangkok retreat, you can enjoy sensation of fragrance using tropical flowers.
You can watch tutorial video:

2nd Lesson: Drawing Tune-in

Next I will explain you Tune-in which is another form of Tune-in.

This drawing Tune-in is a process of returning to children through art production.

In this work you will face the object one to one and draw out the appearance of the object.

And, you fill in various illustrations, memories and sensations obtained in the drawing process around the picture.

Through the drawing Tune-in you will understand that you can get a vision from everything you do.

This work is very exciting.

Many Herb yoga practitioners have been captured by this work so far.

It is Tune-in which this pictorial work and deep work draws this picture. In the video, I will explain how to wake up my own inner artists more effectively.

3rd Lesson: Datsuryoku (Release all the tensions in your body)

The next lesson of Tune-in is the original method called Shisebi method.

Here I am lecturing on jellyfish datsuryoku.

“Datsuryoku” is the process of releasing the tension of the mind and body.

In the retreat program in Bangkok, you are surrounded by jellyfish in the darkness, drifting through the ocean, letting up the tension of the whole body.

By doing this work on a large screen and loud volume you will feel to unite with jellyfish.

Your mind and body can maintain a deeper meditation state. As a result, you can let go of the tension that sleeps deep inside you.

4th Lesson: Tanden Hosu (2nd Chakra Pranayama)

After you release tension, you do Tanden Hosu work. “Tanden” is the point below your fingers and four fingers.

This Tanden is regarded as the center of the body in oriental philosophy.

Oriental people have been thinking since ancient times that life energy sleeping in this place has a big impact on life.

In Japan, samurai, monks and artists have trained Tanden to investigate their own way.

You can get your own real axis by activating this part Hosu ​​is a word meaning holding chicks.

Through this work, you can train Tanden consciously.

If you are proficient in this work, your fingertips and palms will be warm through this work at once.

Let ‘s enjoy the process of your body getting warm and slow.

5th Lesson: Kotodama Work (Mantra Chanting)

In Japanese philosophy, “Kotodama” means energy of words.
It is this lesson of this Kotodama work that makes use of that energy.
In this video, I will explain how to chant the most basic and powerful mantra called AUM.
AUM is a word to cerebrate the creative powers of the universe; three functions of nature: Generate-Organize-Destroy.
At the Bangkok venue, you can wrap yourself in a large screen image and a loud volume of sound and assimilate yourself into a sound.

6th Lesson: Warming-up for Asana

In the next lesson, we will do warm-up as preparation for going Asanas firmly.

Starting with the arms, back, lower body, extending the muscles in the body, I will give consciousness to each one.

Let’s circulate your Qi energy and blood to every corner of the body while slowly breathing.

7th Lesson:How to Use Herbal Ball

The next process I explains how to handle herb balls.
It is because the warm herb ball is very hot, so you have to know the correct way to handle it.
However, that method is not difficult.
According to the lesson, anyone can handle herb ball safely.

8th Lesson: Herb Yoga Asana

Chakra Cleansing

Chakra shows seven points originated in Indian Yoga / Ayurveda.

In the oriental body perspective, it is said that our life energy (Qi = Prana) is entering and leaving from this chakra.

The state of this chakra is greatly influenced by our state of mind, body and relationship.

If you feel a problem with something on that side, your chakra will not work effectively.

So by doing this chakra cleansing, I will explain how to purify your chakra in the lecture.

Chakra cleansing is a very simple method of applying herb balls to each chakra.

However, it is very effective and very comfortable asana. Let’s take away your chakra’s through the herb ball.

Liver Asana

Liver Asana is a way to heal your liver which is one of our internal organs. We will do lock pose of Hatha yoga in this liver asana.
This is known as a way to regulate the energy balance of the liver.
At the same time as that pose, you will apply a herb ball to your liver position from the front and back.
In Japanese natural medicine, there is a way to heal the liver through a herbal towel compress.
You can warm and stimulate the position of the liver with herbal soaked towel.
As a result, you can encourage circulation improvement of the element of the body called the blood of the liver.
 Herb yoga gives you higher healing effect by combining this ancient method with yoga wisdom.

Jin (Kidney-womb-intenstine) Asana

In Chinese medicine “Jin” is considered not only as kidney but also as a large organ including reproductive organs such as uterus and intestines.
This Jin asana is a way to heal your pelvic area.
It is said in Chinese medicine that Jin area stores innate energy that we inherited from our ancestors.
If you lose this congenital energy, the total amount of your life energy decrease gradually.
By healing this position through Herb Yoga, you will be able to be aware of your life force more deeply.

Special Asana: Flying Swan

This special asana embodies the story of a flying swan swaying majestically.
You can experience one story like this in the Herb Yoga session.
For that reason I am explaining the flow of asana which is more multiplexed and complicated.First of all, we do Seed Asana.
This is a way to concentrate the amount of heat that exists inside you to one point.
This kind of asana seems easy at first glance, but this asana stimulates the whole body from your toes to the top of your head.
By inserting the herb ball in the point called as “blood sea”, where is the point of your blood center, you can improve the circulation of your Qi energy, Blood and Waste.Next is the Swan Asana.This asana conveys energy collected in the lower body to the upper body.
Please do adjustment pose if you feel difficult in the flexibility of the lower body such as ankle, calf or tight.
The last asana is the Waterfall Asana.
This is a way to release the excess energy of the whole body of your upper body and lower body.
You completely release your tensions while balancing and breathe slowly.

Healing Shoulders and Ears

 In this process, you can heal your shoulders and ears.

Hi (Spleen) Pranayama

This spleen breathing method is a way to heal your spleen.
“Pranayama” is a way to circulate the energy called Prana in your body.
This is one of Ashtanga (8 practices) in Yoga Sutra (a sacred book of Yoga).
The spleen is thought as an internal organ that stores heat in oriental wisdom.
If you put too much heat into the spleen, you think that the function of the spleen will decline in Oriental medicine.
By cooling the spleen, you can improve the energy balance of the spleen.

With this breathing method, you breathe deeply while your imagine that your whole body slowly cools down.

9th Lesson: Shavasana (Relaxation) with Singing Bowl Session

In the session of Shavasana you lay down slowly on yoga mat.
Through Shabasana, you can release all the extra energy accumulated in your own body.
Let’s fill your body with Qi energy while breathing deeply.
At this point, you enjoy the sounds of singing bowl, which is a traditional meditation instrument of Asia.

10thLesson: Seeding Meditation

At the end of Herb Yoga session you do this Seeding Meditation.
You sit in crossed-legged and do wisdom ring mudra shown in the picture.
You can plant various seeds of awareness obtained in Herb Yoga session into your subconscious mind.
Through the following three questions, you complete your journey to the inside.
  1. What did you discover through Herb Yoga Art Program today?
  2. How did you grow through Herb Yoga Art program today?
  3. How did you break your shell through Herb Yoga Art Program today?