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Brief Outline of Our Organization, ChoChoGREEN

ChoChoGREEN -Birds and Butterflies- is an organization founded by Fumie and Kentaro Mune in 2008, dedicated to providing opportunities for people to reach their goals and their potential, through networking, mentoring, and education on how to best lead life following nature.

About Fumie Mune, Representative of ChoChoGREEN

Fumie Mune is a Zen artist as well as a leader of Herb Yoga. She have had a high reputation for her artworks. She have opened a museum/gallery in Tokyo, Japan since 2014. Her artworks are inspiring and full of teaching of oriental wisdom. This is because she has experienced and practiced real Japanese and oriental cultures such as Zen, Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism, Tea Ceremony, Japanese Natural Remedy and Aikido.

KentaroMune, Artist, Herb Yoga & Meditation Teacher

After research on Sustainability of organic farming in rural districts in Thailand from 2006 to 2008, he opened Salon de ChoCho in Bangkok together with Fumie Mune. He have created art works based on his interest of sustainability, ecology and yoga.

All of their books have been written in collaboration with Fumie & Kentaro Mune

About Herb Yoga


“Your expression of life is your body itself”. Your posture shows to the world not only your appearance, but momentum and vector of your life. We introduce you exercises which involve both your mind and body to commit your life and society.

We have developed several kinds of out-standing methods to heal and energize your body, mind, soul and human relationship.

Herb Yoga is our original method using the gifts of nature such as herbs while doing Yoga. Preparation of these herbs is done based on the philosophy of Japanese natural remedy, Thai traditional medicine and Ayurveda from India plus Ying-Yang Concept.

The effects of herb yoga which is Combination of herb remedy, yogic breathing, posture and meditation are more than you ever expected. It will dramatically improve your physical constitution proved by many clients.

Book and DVD of Herb Yoga (Japanese)


About ChoChoGREEN

ChoChoGREEN -Birds & Butterflies-
Representative: Fumie & Kentaro Mune

Tokyo Branch

1-3-3, Bakuro-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-city, Tokyo, Japan, 1030002
Since: 2008


U-magazine, Hongkong
Bambi Magazine, Thailand
Yoga Journal, Thailand
Therapist, Japan
Many Japanese Magazines
Introduced in TV

History of ChoCho

January 2008

Started activities in Asian Institure of Technorlogy in Pathumthani province, Thailand

September 2008

Started holistic yoga salon in Bangkok

April 2010

Published the first book, Shisebi Method in Japan

December 2012

Published a book about Herb Yoga in Japan

January 2013

Released DVD for Herb Yoga Beginners in Japan

July 2014

Opened Museum/Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
Organized as Herb Yoga International

August 2015

Started gallery in thonglor, Bangkok

August 2017

Exhibition “March out with Yoga Mat Monsters!” in Tokyo, Japan

October 2017

Exhibition “One Yoga Mat Revolution” in NYC, USA