In this program, you will know the secret of Thai herbs and do yoga using your own herbal ball that you make in the artistic atmosphere.

This event is my life work to contribute for women’s health, especially for mothers.
I hold this free event in Bangkok welcoming all women, because this is where I raised my son.

Also, Bangkok is where I met Thai herbs and herbal balls.

We, Mune couple, are Zen artists, yoga teachers and also specialized in natural remedy.

My son’s asthma and my Ovarian cysts are recovered after I met with the wisdom of herbs, I have been shared my expertise with thousands of women and their partners and children.
Over the last ten years we have cast our passions to integrate them into one form of art. We have developed our original therapy method called Herb Yoga.
We have published several books in Japan.

We were interviewed by American yoga media, “” and “Tokyo Shimbun” a daily newspaper in Japan.

Lesson1: Making Herbal ball of your own with Sacred Thai herb

After knowing sacred message of Thai herbs, you can select your main herb which best suits your spiritual purpose such as strength, fertility, wisdom and enlightenment.

We prepare ancient remedy Thai herbs such as Prai, Kah, Waan Chak Mot Luk and Makruu based on our original secret recipe which healed thousands of our clients.

Lesson 2: Experience yoga to feel the maximum sensation of herbal ball with art movie lecture

We have created special movie to lecture you oriental wisdom for you to enjoy the most of herbal remedy.

Most people experience feeling the heat in the core of your body and light around your head.

Feel totally refreshed like you are born again!

This is a program for yoga beginner.

You can enjoy with the 2m x 3m wide screen with special sound system.

Yoga movement with Herbal Ball to balance chakra
Relaxation with singing bowl
Herbal tea is served

We invite you at our townhouse Home-Atlier Gallery.
After you enjoy meditation and yoga at 4th floor, you can enjoy tea anywhere you like from our grand floor to 4th floor.

Unfortunately, I am away on that day, but Ms. Poo will guide you. We can prepare a special recipe of herbal ball for you, please consult with us about your condition of body and mind at booking.