Herb Yoga “Magic” Class in Bakurocho, Nihombashi, Tokyo

Herb Yoga “Magic” Class in Tokyo

Herb yoga is a yoga developed by Japanese yoga teachers Fumie and Kentaro Mune Couple. This is a yoga using an organic herb ball heated with a steamer to balance the energy line of your body. Mune couple have held training courses and workshops in Thailand, Japan and the USA so far.

In this special period, Mune couple, the founder, will guide Herb Yoga at the venue of Bakuro-cho. By joining in Herb Yoga in the morning, you will contribute to creating the rhythm of the day and adjusting the hormonal balance.

Fumie Mune ‘s Herb Yoga class is composed of two elements, “static = Ying” and “dynamic = Yang”, unlike a general yoga class. You will experience deep meditation with natural objects. And you can feel the dynamic energy springing up from inside of you.

What you experience in our class

Fumie Mune and Kentaro Mune will propose different style of herbal yoga each time, based on the teaching experience of Herb Yoga in this class. The class will be different day by day.

For example,

  • Improvisation movement your body using instruments
  • Artistic Meditation with traditional Japanese spirit masks
  • Japanese Herb Tour in rooftop garden
  • Tune-in Meditation
  • Herb Yoga Asana with Herbal Ball
  • Seeding Meditation

* Fumie Mune arranges the contents of the class everyday.


3000  Yen+tax

With 1 organic herbal ball

Class Schedule (only April, 2018)


Venue: 1-3-3, Bakurocho, Nihombashi, Chuo-city, Tokyo


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