Bangkok Herb Yoga Art Retreat

Concept of our Herb Yoga Art Program

What we want to share with our guests is a spiritual journey with Herb Yoga and meditation. This is a new form of Yoga and meditation guided by art movie surrounded by real art pieces and using natural and real things such as fresh tropical flowers, herbal tea, live music, hot herbal ball to stimulate five senses.
Through my program, guests can experience the splendor of tropical flowers, herbs and arts through five senses. In addition, guests are invited to our serene private retreat in the middle of Bangkok city.
Guests can experience Herb yoga in the space filled with my art work and the birds’ singing atmosphere away from the bustle of the city. In the process they will be healed and energized through the unique spiritual journey.  As a result, guests will discover their child’s heart. We operate this program with a team, Fumie, my husband Kentaro and our assistant Poo.

What you discover through our program

Through my experience, guests can make the following discoveries.
-Refreshing moments after Asana (yoga poses) done with herb ball
– Unique spiritual journey through experiencing yoga and meditation session guided by projected movies and sounds created by artists
-Taste the beauty and colorful fragrance of the tropical flowers and herbs through deep meditation
-Relaxation using a meditative instrument
-Deep self-conversation in the space surrounded by Zen arts

What we’ll do

In this program, you will know the secret of Thai herbs and do yoga using your own herbal ball that you make in the artistic atmosphere.

Lesson1: Making Herbal ball of your own with Sacred Thai herb

Making Herbal ball of your own with Sacred Thai herb After knowing sacred message of Thai herbs, you can select your main herb which best suits your spiritual purpose such as strength, fertility, wisdom and enlightenment. We prepare ancient remedy Thai herbs such as Prai, Kah, Waan Chak Mot Luk and Makruu based on our original secret recipe which healed thousands of our clients.

Lesson 2: Experience yoga

Experience yoga to feel the maximum sensation of herbal ball with art movie lecture. We have created special movie to lecture you oriental wisdom for you to enjoy the most of herbal remedy. Most people experience feeling the heat in the core of your body and light around your head. Feel totally refreshed like you are born again!
This is a program for yoga beginner. You can enjoy with the 2m x 3m wide screen with special sound system. Meditation with tropical flowers, Drawing Zen Art with Child mind Mantra Chanting Yoga movement with Herbal Ball to balance chakra Relaxation with singing bowl Herbal tea is served.
For more details, click the link below;

AirBNB Program: Lecture of Oriental Wisdom

What I’ll provide

Drinking water and Tea
Herbal Ball and wear
We give you take home instructions of Herbal ball also. Meditation Wear


Please put your mobile phone on silent when doing the program. When Fumie is away, Ms. Poo will guide you this program.

Where we’ll be

We invite you at our townhouse Home-Atlier Gallery. After you enjoy meditation and yoga at 4th floor, you can enjoy tea anywhere you like from our grand floor to 4th floor. Our website: We have a listing for staying at our atelier gallery town house. Please see my profile page for details.

Where we’ll meet

Cho Cho Art & Meditation · Upper Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Group size

There are 4 spots available on this experience.
You don’t have to fill all of them. Experiences are meant to be social, so other travelers could join too.

Guest requirements

This experience is a gentle yoga and meditation, but when doing yoga, need to do your own pace.

Who can come

Guests ages 18 and up can attend.

Flexible cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase.