How we complete artworks

The water hyacinth mat is a good material, but it is just a “white campus” for us. We make artworks to deepen your yoga and meditation more with the campus.

1) Dye the materials with Thai herb blend

At first, we dye the mats with natural Thai herbs as pretreatment. We use 4 kinds as below;


This is a basic but strong herb in Thai traditional medicine. This is a perennial herb, consisting of underground rhizome and which is bright yellow inside. A used part is dried rhizome and therapeutic used is anti-inflammatory. analgesic and sprains.


This is a member of the ginger family, and provides yellow colouring for Thai food. The rhizomes contain 3 – 4 % volatile oil with unique aromatic characteristics. Turmeric’s therapeutic properties manifest as a carminative, antiflatulence and stomachic.

Waan Chack Mot Luke (in Thai)

This herb is used to relieve female disorders such as menstrual cramps and other . In many cases, this herb is not used in ordinal herb balls because it is relatively rare.
This round shape looks like womb. "Mot" of this name means a palace, and "luke" means a child. So, this is a very effective herb for womb.


Cinnamon is well known spice all over the world in these days, but it has been used for treatment to cure illness or bad health condition. It is used to help treat muscle spasms, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, the common cold, loss of appetite, and erectile dysfunction.

The reason why we dye the mat with Thai herbs is because the aroma from the mat also relaxes your body and mind and improves your concentration for yoga and meditation. Especially when you breeze deeply on Zen Kodo mat, you can feel aroma from the mat.

In addition to this, your body can absorb a little herb ingredient by touching on it.

2) Draw Zen art on the mats with natural herb color

This process is the most important and essential part of our artworks. Fumie Mune has designed all the symbols or figures of each Zen Kodo Mat. She also draw the symbols or figures with our own natural color extracted from natural herbs. We make our not only own campus but also colors to draw.

Our subtle bodies can be released by the Zen (meditative) art according to our oriental culture. This is the same situation when you sit in front of Zen garden.

Art and Meditative experience cannot be separated in our oriental tradition. This is because our ancient masters had known that our bodies are corresponded with surrounding goods and space. Therefore, we put some symbols or figures into our Zen Kodo Mats.