Yogart Teahouse

Welcome to Yog-a-rt Tea house!

Welcom to our Yog-a-rt Tea house! This is a place to enjoy herbal drinks selected for your body, mind and soul as well as experience Yoga and Art.

You can face with your-tueself by taking pleasure with yogic (ZEN) art activities in our meditative tea house. This is a your soul’s urban retreat to regain yourself.

Tea House to enjoy art and yoga

We provide "YOG-A-RT" activities, composed of YOGA and ART, with exceptional price.

Meditative Space
As you know, Bangkok in Thailand is very much famous as a hectic city, which is a central city in Southeast Asia. More than 10 million local people live in Bangkok, and more than 20 million travelers visit Bangkok.

However, Yogart Teahouse is located in serene place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In our calm space full of voice of tropical birds, you can regain your waves of body and mind, which you have already forgotten in daily busy life.

Also, you can enjoy art works located in our gallery.

Herb Yoga Mats are lined up on the wall. All the Herb Yoga Mats are made by Fumie Mune, a representative of ChoCho.

Your breathing become more and more deeper if you feel like melting into meditative space. After that your daily mental stress will be released.

Activity 1) Zen Drink Menu
We have a special drink menu for you to condition your wave of body and mind. There are four kinds of herbal drink.

Our drink menu is ready for not only to heal your thirst, but also to enjoy meditation as "Tune-in: Drink ZEN" to obtain awareness through the process of drinking.

When you select drink menu, you can also choose one art object from four kinds. This is to practice art activity as"Tune-in: Drawing Zen", in which you can face with your true-self in the moment of "Now and Here".

"Tune-in: Drawing Zen" is new-era meditation method. More than ten thousand people are practicing this meditation through Herb Yoga, instructed by Fumie Mune.

After you choose drink and art object, our staff will give you as below;
1) Herbal drink and dried fruits and nuts
2) Art activity set(Object, worksheet and color pencils)

The price of "Tune-in: Drink Zen" activity is just 100 Bahts.

When you receive your drink, our staff will sound Tibetan Bells. This is a sign for you to start a trip inside of yourself.

You find your own comfortable plcae to have a good time to drink herbal drink, after that.

On the first floor, there are bed seats and terrace seats.

On the 2nd floor "Ashuram", you can spread Herb Yoga Mat freely and sit on it. You can enjoy drink and art activity on the Herb Yoga Mat.

In addition to meditation, you can enjoy Yoga Asana corresponding to the drink menu. You can try to practice Asana as you feel comfortable.

Herbal Drink Menu

Power of Red Roselle Tea

Womb Mojito:Lime, Mint and Thai Herb for womb-

ChoCho’s Jamu :Balinese natural medicinal turmeric drink-

BLUE MAGIC TEA:Butterfly Pea with Lime- 
* What happens when you put line juice?

※ For each set, dried fruits and nuts are served.

Drawing Zen

You can choose art object corresponding to your chakra (energy center on your subtle body).

This yogart activity is not conducted to be evaluated from someone, but to face with inside of yourself. You can relax to enjoy this activity without any tension.

Followings are sample art work of each element and corresponding chakra.

*please return art obejct when you leave

Types of Art objects in this season

Fire Element: Entada Beans, the largest bean of the world

Water Element: Sea shell from Thai gulf

Earth Element: Japanese Cinnamon

Wind Element: Feather of Love Birds

Sho: Caligraphy Zen

Sho is Yogart activity inspired by Japanese Caligraphy,Shodo. You can enjoy meditative experience of Sho by using herbal color.

Price of Sho YOG-A-RT: 200B

Access and Open Hours

51/9, Classic Home, Soi Thonglor 25, Sukhmvit, Bangkok
Opening Hour 
Monday to Friday:10:00~17:00 Saturday 9:00~13:00
Sunday and Thai National Holidays


You can find our sing board at the entrance of Classic Home Townhouse.

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