Yoga Mat Problems

No more earth-load trash by practicing yoga

We cannot neglect the impact of our yoga practice on the earth anymore, because our health, happiness and holiness are connected to the condition of global and local environment in 21st century.

Therefore, now is the time to say “No” to un-sustainable yoga mat. However, most of the yoga practitioners contribute to pollute the environment by doing yoga.

This is because almost all of them have used PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride) yoga mat, which is a petro-chemical product, which cannot be bio-degraded after its disposal. This means that PVC yoga mat remains in soil forever. Tons of PVC yoga mat have been thrown away every year all over the world, as we practice yoga more and more.

In case of our Zen Kodo Mat, it is made from 100% natural produce, water hyacinth and hemp as well as using natural herb to dye. Our mat is bio-degraded and can contribute to fertility of the land, also. It aims to secure future children’s happiness.

No more earth-load trash by making process of yoga mat

There are many kinds of problems when conventional yoga mats are produced.

In case of PVC yoga mat, this is produced with many kinds of petro-chemical materials. At the same time, much industrial waste are produced, including dioxin.

Some people use PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) yoga mat for their eco-consciousness. This is advertised as “PER yoga mat is bio-degraded in nature, because they are made from natural products”. Certainly, this is made from dent corn, but the corn is a genetically modified (GM) corn. Many specialists indicate the risks and threats of GM products. As a yoga practitioner, GM products cannot be called as natural products. They are not adequate for Yogic lifestle. Therefore, we cannot choose PER yoga mat easily.

Some people choose natural rubber yoga mat, because natural rubber is bio-degraded in nature. However, natural rubber is produced in the Southeastern countries such as Thailand, Malaysia or Cambodia in these days. Many experts have also indicated the environmental loans and health effects of the workers to refine the natural rubber. Especially, the producers have cut down the rain forest to plant rubber trees, which have deprived home of many kinds of animals. According to the rule of Yoga Sutra, we have to make an effort to decrease the impact to kill any kinds of animals, which is called as “Ahimsa”. In conclusion, it is better to avoid natural rubber yoga mat, also.