Zen Kodo Mat is a Mobile Zen Garden

The culture of Zen gardens in Japan has been developed for monks to deepen their meditation in their lives in Zen Buddhism Temples. Therefore, ordinary people cannot experience the gardens in their daily lives.

However, if you put Zen Kodo Mat on the wall in your space, Zen Kodo Mat can make your space more adequate for your Yoga and Meditation. This is because Zen Kodo Mat has its own Zen Art which is full of teaching. In addition to this, you can enjoy your life with more awareness and consciousness by using Zen Kodo Mat.

You can bring the mat wherever you go as well as conventional yoga mats. This does mean that you have your own Zen garden when you start to use our Zen Kodo Mat.

Size of Zen Kodo Mat

There are various types of Zen Kodo Mat, so you can choose suitable for you.

Variation of Size:

60cm * 120cm
80cm * 150cm
80cm * 200cm
100cm * 200cm
150cm * 200cm