Three rules for Zen Kodo Mat

In order to achieve our goals, we have three rules to produce our Zen Kodo Mat;

1st: Use Original Material

We use natural materials made of water hyacinth and hemp to produce our Zen Kodo Mat. They are custom-ordered mats made by farmers’ group in Buriram province in Thailand. This is because these materials are so eco-friendly as to be bio-degraded in nature and can empower people in rural province in Thailand.


2nd: Use Original Color

We make colors for our drawings by ourselves from natural herbs. The primary reason is that our own natural colors are the best color for our artworks. In addition, if we use chemical color, our artworks cannot be bio-degraded in nature.

Our representative 2 colors: Butterfly Pea and Rosella Flower

We mix several kinds of herbs according to our original blend.

Deep red color extracted from Rosella is like below;

Deep blue color extracted from butterfly pea flower is like below;

3rd: Create Original Drawings

Fumie Mune, a Zen artist, has experienced and practiced Japanese tradition such as Zen or Tea-ism, but she has decided to draw original figures for people in these days. Of course, science of our artworks is based on our oriental cultures. You cannot experience similar artworks in any other places.