Before You Buy

Notes for owners of Herb Yoga Mat(ZEN KODO MAT)

  • Please keep herb yoga mat away from sun light and humidity, which will damage the mat and its natural herbal paint.
  • Do not wipe Herb Yoga Mat with a damp cloth.
  • When you use Herb Yoga Mat, your nail, clothes, skin, wall or floor might be dyed with the herbal paint of Herb Yoga Mat.
  • Since paints of Herb Yoga Mat are all natural herbal paint, the color and smell of the paint will be degraded.
  • Do not directly touch your mucosa part or wounds to Herb Yoga Mat.
  • Herb Yoga Mat is not alternative of medicine.
  • Experiences introduced at our website are just personal ones. We do not have any responsibility for its effects.
  • If you feel an unpleasant symptoms, stop using and take a break or consult with medical institution, if you need.
  • Please practice yoga asana on the herb yoga mat adequately. We do not have any responsibility for your injure and accident when you use Herb Yoga Mat.
  • When you put Herb Yoga Mat on the wall, please pay attention to the strength of the wall.

Tips to become a friend with Herb Yoga Mat: How to avoid mold

  • Herb Yoga Mat absorbs Ying energy (for example, humidity) in the space. If you do not treat it adequately, some molds might grow on Herb Yoga Mat.
  • Please keep Herb Yoga Mat away from high temperature and humidity in order to avoid molds.
  • It is good to keep Herb Yoga Mat in airy location. It is not good to keep it on the floor or wall in the rainy season. When you do not use it for a while, it is better to seal Herb Yoga Mat in plastic bags with desiccant.
  • If you use it just as a tapestry, please put in airy location.
  • After you use Herb Yoga Mat for yoga, please dry it in airy location.
  • It is good to dry Herb Yoga Mat in the shade once a week.
  • If you feel moisture in Herb Yoga Mat, please dry it with hairdryer or dry it in the sunlight for 1~2 hours.

If Herb Yoga Mat have some molds

Please remove molds as follows;
Wipe and remove with a cloth dipping into alcohol. You can spray alcohol on the molded place.
After removing it, completely dry Herb Yoga Mat in airy place.

About Design

Our Herb Yoga Mats are hand made by artisans. There is no same mat with exactly same design.
Color and texture of every mat are different. You can enjoy the differences as the point of hand crafts.
The size of every Herb Yoga Mat might be slightly different. For example, even if one mat is shown as 60cm * 120cm, it might be 59cm*121cm exactly.

Material of Herb Yoga Mat

Water Hyacinth, Jute, Herbal Paint (Phrai, Cinnamon, Waan Chak Mak Luke, Butterfly Pea, Vinegar)


Company Name: ChoChoGREEN
Person in Charge:Kentaro Mune (81)90-8027-6760(Japan)
Japan:1-3-3, Bakuro-Cho, Nihombashi, Chuo-City, Tokyo,1030002
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