Why is this “Zen” mat?

Zen is a meditation-oriented lifestyle. Zen is also a practical system to live with consciousness in every moment of your daily life.

Any artworks of Zen, such as garden, room, calligraphic works and paintings are tools to deepen your meditation.

Our Zen Kodo mat is not only an artwork but also a practical tool to increase your consciousness and awareness in your daily life, in which we have condensed the essence of Zen in the Japanese culture.

In this context, Zen Kodo mat will play a more spiritual and practical role than any other conventional yoga mats, which are used just to absorb yoga practitioners’ sweat or to prevent slipping when posing asana.

When you open Zen Kodo Mat, your room will become a Zen garden or Japanese Tea Hut which are carefully cleaned.

Wherever you open the mat, Zen Kodo Mat can work as a medium for you to enter the universe of Zen.