Our Goals of Herb Yoga Mat

What is Herb Yoga Mat? Herb Yoga Mat is all-natural and bio-degradable yoga mat. This is produced by ChoChoGREEN, which is introduced by major newspaper and yoga media. Our goals of Zen Kodo Mat are s […]

  • 2018.03.01

Feel a tie with wild nature in Thonglor, Bangkok

This is an Artistic Yoga Retreat situated in the area you feel as if you are in a peaceful Thai village while being only a while away from stylish popular places in Thonglor, Sukhumvit. Hear bird sing […]

  • 2018.02.27

We planted our signature Thai herbs

On February 26th, we have planted our signature Thai herbs in our garden! First one is Waan Chut Mot Luke which means A Palace of Child or  “Womb” in English. The stalk grown already has b […]

Fumie Mune Interview on Wanderlust.com

Meet the Artist Behind the World’s First Yoga Mat Gallery Fumie Mune is the Japanese artist and curator of the Zen Kodo Mat Gallery in central Bangkok. She’s also a yoga teacher. By Andrea Rice Inside […]

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