Concept of our retreat program

We, Mune couple, have three specialized fields. One is yoga, one is natural remedy, and the last is Zen art. Over the last ten years we have cast our passions to integrate them into one entertainment. In 2006, we began to learn Oriental wisdom such as yoga and natural remedy for overcoming our own frail health and my son’s childhood asthma. We have greatly recovered our physical and mental condition through yoga and natural remedy and eventually we started to share these knowledge with others. In 2008 we opened our holistic wellness salon, “ChoChoGREEN”, to convey our original method called Herb Yoga in Bangkok.
We have developed our original therapy method called Herb Yoga. This method combines yoga and ayurveda, as well as Japanese natural remedy and Chinese medicine to improve the lifestyle of modern people. We have published several books in Japan so far. One of our books has become the monthly best seller of Amazon Japan in February 2016. We also develop yoga leaders, therapists and trainers all over the world. Currently we teach our method in Japan, Thailand and USA.
We also have expertise in art field.
Fumie have grown her own aesthetic sense and the view of nature rooted in Japan as she grew up with her mother who is a tea ceremony master. Fumie and Kentaro have started activities as Zen Artists since 2011. Our representative work is the ZEN KODO MAT series that which are yoga mat art pieces made with 100% plant materials. In addition to this, we have created video art works. The concept of our creations is explained in the book “Yoga Mat Single Revolution” published in 2016. We were interviewed by American yoga media, “”.  In 2013, we have put all our accumulated experience and passions as a Zen artist and yoga teacher and created a new form of entertainment. Since then, we have hosted this retreat program in Bangkok, Tokyo and NY.  In 2017, an exhibition was held in the center of Tokyo, and it was introduced to “Tokyo Shimbun” a daily newspaper in Japan. In October 2017 we held an exhibition in three areas of NYC. We can host “Herb yoga retreat experience” to share our unique expertise in yoga, art, and therapy fields.
This is a new form of Yoga and meditation guided by art movie surrounded by real art pieces and using natural and real things such as fresh flowers, herbal tea, live music, hot herbal ball to stimulate five senses.

Our place is used for training program for our students as well as our own atelier and home galley. Guests can experience yoga and meditation with our Zen yoga mat art and live performed meditative instruments.  Also, Zen vegan meal is served for our guests. Herb Yoga is instructed and guided by the video works and music which are created only for this retreat program by us.